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Thursday, March 28: BUSU advocacy team was set up at the base of Schmon Tower with language and colours which overlapped with the ‘Yes’ campaign’s marketing for the $20 per credit Student Life fee

BUSU VPUA’s report summarizes Mental Health Awareness week
BUSU VPUA acknowledges the overlap of the campaigns and the confusion it caused. “There was no coordination with OUSA, BUSU or Brock University, in any form, to intentionally place the mental health campaign in that week. I work with OUSA, and their manager of communications and marketing and media relations, as to what day its going to fall on specifically, out reach [inaudible] which is was the wednesday, that all other OUSA-membership schools — so it’s purely accidental , coincidental — if I had have realized, or put the two together, prior to it actually happening, I would have spoken to OUSA, and moved it to, perhaps, the first week of April, or earlier in March— make our own sort of Brock Version of the campaign. Certainly we were supplied all the materials for the third week of march, earlier in March, but, [inaudible] I urge, that should something like this, just for perception, make every effort not to confuse the electorate or those who [inaudible] paying attention.”

BUSU VPUA questioned on OUSA involvement in Mental Health Innovation Fund [1 of 2]
Sandor Ligetfalvy questons BUSU Inc. Vice President of University Affairs Steven Nichols: “The question put forth is, How involved — in your knowledge — was OUSA in the developing the Mental Health Innovation Fund, which was deployed that same day?”

Vince Tremblay says, “So, that would mean that you already knew that mental health is something that is available for a grant, right? Being that you were involved in OUSA, so why is it that you didn’t say anything about that when it came to BUSAC, as being something thats, you know, illegal?”

BUSU VPUA questioned on OUSA involvement in Mental Health Innovation Fund [2 of 2]

Question: “The language that was employed by the BUSU advocacy team included phrases like — not just a march — but, quote, ‘solidarity’. The question put forth will be, Solidarity with what? Moreover, language such as “get informed” which is, again, specifically electoral language used by the BUSU advocacy team. Although, it’s clear that the BUSU executive may not be culpable for the coincidence, it’s also clear , to me, that OUSA knew that the Mental Health Innovation fund was on [March] 26th, and arranged for it. So the question put forth .. what was the advocacy coordinator referring to when they stated on public forum ‘a solidarity march’?”

BUSU President: “When I started discussing the 24 hour study space, I started discussing it with Kim Meade, as well as different members of the university, and they kind of took it from there to discuss .. with us .. how this will work. “

CRO claims, “I do not work on weekends”

BUSU Government Operations Manager explains that recall does not apply to referenda


This is what we’re told about #MINDHACKON :

“MindHackON was an OUSA campaign (Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance)… it was put on at the exact same time for all schools who are OUSA members who were participating - schools voted on that date. I am one of the Student Advocacy Coordinators for BUSU and I helped to plan this campaign with OUSA. “ Kerri Behling comments on FB

We’re confused by this. It wasn’t put on at other schools. Or all other schools don’t use Twitter. But only a few people tweeted #MindHackON and all of them were BUSU folks.

Too big to fail

It would have been irresponsible to continue harshly on the tract of recall as it risked making people in athletics and the ‘yes’ campaign feel treated unfairly which was not the intention. On moral balance the undergrads —who did not hear about the fee or opposed it —must now simply absorb the cost of this learning experience for at least one year. Our sustained opposition has been towards the presence of “third party” campaigns that coincided with the referendum.

Given that, let’s be honest: Brock is stuck with the fee it will have to learn to love. Given the coordinated effort put into the achievement of the 1.9% hike — with sociopolitical “mental health” connections extending all the way back to Queens Park — it’s doubtful any political capital can be sustained by anyone on campus who goes about intentionally cancelling the fee. One person who initially volunteered to distribute the recall backed away because he didn’t want to put a “target” on him self.

Blacklists aside, the maneuver of the recall, although legally justifiable, can not be adequately explained to the members of the corporation whom it would affect. The conditions of the campus “information blockade” is still endemic and triggering a recall would be practically Joker-esque to those whose conception of their union membership is entirely underdeveloped.

The “body poltick” should be risen, by buoyancy of water, to a higher standard of understanding student union: not burdened and sunk by a rule so obscure that no one in the government even thinks it exists.

It would be tremendously disharmonious to the public and excessively reactionary to deploy a recall petition. I am glad it formed an educational opportunity to challenge the status quo’s conception of the member’s constitutional right to recall (XI:5) , Simply because that button exists doesn’t mean we should push it. I regret suggesting it before fully considering the impact it would have on others.

Clearly, this fee is too big to fail.

So, move forward. Media reforms. Union reforms.  Fee reforms.
Probably in that order.

reform not recall - cant punish athletes

Democratic due-process and the right to be informed is an important fight but it does not need to come at the cost of denying next year’s athletes with the benefits of their efforts. This justification does come with some over-charge, and certainly reforms are required, but, given the binary choice, we are now willing to accept this fee, as is, for this year, as we work towards progressive reforms for the future.

Please continue to contact your BUSAC reps regarding what you observed over this referendum period— and if you’re interested become a “Student At Large” on the appropriate committees.

Explanation here:

Update: Also, we were wrong about recall